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Sebastian Greger


The Punkt MP02 is marketed as a “voicephone” – a 4G mobile device that is stripped down to the very bare functionalities of voice, text and serving as a hotspot for a tablet or PC.

It’s not just a cool example of a very minimalist product for people mindful of their relation to constantly being connected (the medium is the message), but also a brilliant example for intentional non-use of technology. Given its price point and the effort required to linking up a second device whenever mobile internet is needed, its customers are not “have-nots” but “want-nots”.

About 10 years ago, technology researchers started to discuss voluntary non-use in contrast to the prevailing assumption that […]

I still have a rather recent Nokia “dumbphone” model in my drawer, always tempted to take it back into use. Maybe the 4G hotspot feature would make the difference? Then again, navigating even the most mundane tasks has become so cumbersome without a smartphone (and an up-to-date one), I have the greatest respect for anybody who can pull this off!