Bringing together social science and design to innovate, consult and educate on human-first digital strategies: inclusive, privacy-protecting, and sustainable

Sebastian Greger, speaking at Webkongress Erlangen 2018

I am a seasoned designer, tinkerer, and creative code wrangler – passionate about the often under-represented human side of technology: inclusion and universal access, non-prototypical “users” or contexts of use, privacy and the risks from its violations, the interplay of (legal) norms and technology, and technologies’ impact on society and the environment.

I regularly write about these topics in my Journal and assemble curated sources in my “digital garden” under Resources. I provide an RSS feed and an email newsletter. You can also find me on the Fediverse/Mastodon.

My creative, research-based practice of two decades is all about finding ways to focus (web) design and technology on the people using it, while striving to create inclusive, data-minimalist and socially as well as ecologi­cally sustainable solutions. I am driven by the desire to develop critically con­structive, novel approaches to digital design – based on a chiefly human-centred approach and considerate of syste­mic consequences: individually, socially, globally.

I am available for training, consulting and design projects where human values are a key driver: creating digital solu­tions that put people first, or fostering initiatives to increase digital literacy. I enjoy working with organisations that are keen on pushing boundaries in terms of accessibility, privacy, sustainability …approaching things differently. Mostly doing consulting, research, and concepts, I greatly enjoy touching code myself as well (incl. my pet projects).

Working out a schedule on a workshop day In front of a whiteboard with some legal flow chart regarding GDPR On stage at World Usability Day Hamburg 2019

Exemplary project highlights:

  • Ongoing: design lead in an exploratory legal design project aiming to provide easier access to justice
  • Designed an inclusive design system for an information service aimed at broad audiences including low-literacy demogra­phics with low-end devices
  • Assisted an educational NGO to establish their accessi­ble, privacy-respecting and performant website
  • Consulted various clients on data minimisation strate­gies for their web presence
  • Eight years leading the “Usability and accessibility” unit in a training program for communications professionals
  • Developed a “Privacy UX” approach that considers privacy a core pillar of user experience, presented at multiple conferences
  • Co-authored and facilitated an innovative GDPR workshop series that combined legal compliance, human-centred design, and agency practice
  • “The Absent Peer”: award-winning sociological analysis on technology non-users and their role in designing for social interaction
  • Developing multiple open source software projects; mostly CMS plugins for the open and accessible web.

References and portfolio details are available on request.

Sebastian Greger

Constructively critical sociologist and interaction designer: human-centred design, user research, values/ethics in tech, privacy as UX, accessibility. (he/him)

Sebastian Greger



Independent professional since 2010; Berlin-based, working remote or on-site for pan-European clients. Speaker at past and upcoming events.



Previously Senior Designer at digital agencies in Helsinki (Valve, Satama Interactive) and research/teaching gigs at Aalto University Dept of Design.



M.Soc.Sc. in Sociology (University of Tampere, 2003) and M.A. in New Media (Aalto University, 2011).



Professional proficiency in German, English and Finnish






Sometimes very busy, sometimes less …get in touch:


Berlin, Germany