"Working Draft" podcast on privacy and GDPR (in German)

Sebastian Greger

In the latest episode of Working Draft, a weekly podcast for web designers and developers, host Hans talks with Baltasar, Joschi and yours truly for 90 minutes (in German) about some of the challenges the GDPR brings for practitioners, along with questions of ethics when dealing with personal data.

It’s safe to say that recording this podcast episode three weeks ago was a pleasant and rewarding experience for all of us. (Photo by Joschi Kuphal)

After all the effort we’ve put into developing our workshops to combine legal, design and development aspects of privacy and GDPR-compliance on the web, we were very happy when Hans from the Working Draft crew approached us with the idea to record a special edition on the GDPR and its practical implications. The imminent enforcement of the new EU privacy legislation leads to a lot of insecurity of what this all means and how to approach it - as we’ve been working on these topics a lot lately, we were most happy to share some of our insight.

The short format of a podcast and the challenge of making a universal broadcast relevant enough for every listener obviously comes with limitations, and at times all this may sound more intimidating than it really is, but I truly hope we managed to deliver a good overview about the do’s and don’ts.

Most importantly, we want to provide some context why this is worth doing and spread the understanding that protecting people’s privacy has a high social relevance; facilitating the collection of data, designers and developers are responsible for their actions. Despite our best effort, we cannot promise that it is going to be a walk on the beach.

You can listen to the podcast on the Working Draft website.

Working with our team of three, combining perspectives from social sciences, design, business, development and law, has been an amazing (learning) experience so far. I look forward to further develop this cooperation with Baltasar and Joschi, hopefully providing valuable and easily accessible information for a growing number of designers and developers who see themselves affected by this new legislation but do not have the resources to research it all by themselves. This podcast episode is another step in that process; any feedback is most welcome!

…and stay tuned for yet another announcement later this week.

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