Bookmark: "Playbook for universal design – Universal design methods for more inclusive solutions"

Sebastian Greger


An interesting collection of workshop methods that add a layer of universal design and inclusion. Published by the Technical University of Denmark’s innovation hub “DTU Skylab”, it provides resources to pick from:

This Universal Design Playbook was created with the purpose of providing easy access to planning and facilitating universal design development work, whether it is short workshops or longer work sessions. That comes entirely down to what the user selects using the sorting functions on the page.

The Playbook contains a collection of methods that can be used in any design process. Each method contains useful information so the user can be certain that they are selecting the most appropriate method to fulfil their purpose. The methods also include tips for how to accommodate participants with diverse abilities to ensure that everyone feels included in a workshop setting no matter what they are capable of.

See “How to use this playbook” for a more thorough introduction to the tool and its use.