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Sebastian Greger


Just normal web things.

When advocating for web accessibility, the formal requirements of the WCAG and other frameworks often take center stage. In “Just normal web things” by Heather Buchel, she (while acknowledging the overlap with formal a11y requirements) advocates for an even more basic layer of minimal accessibility considerations: designers and developers should not break the most basic rules of the web.

[…] nevermind the basic accessibility requirements that are often missing like alt text on images, we stopped letting people do very normal web things.

Things such as hiding scroll bars for visual effect, defaulting to a “mobile view” on anything smaller than the art director’s cinema display, or making copy-pasting difficult – the core interactions of the browser should be considered a design constraint, not something that can be altered by a designer just because they fancy doing it differently.

The thread on her Mastodon stream contains a continuation of this list by others.