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Sebastian Greger


Zach Leatherman solicited feedback from his audience and assembled this list of 42 “foundational web development blog posts” which is one of those resources that should be part of any curriculum on web design or web engineering.

It’s almost like a walk down memory lane – fascinating to realize I’ve read most of these articles at some point in my career. Has it really been 23 years since the “Dao of Web Design” and 20 years since the “CSS Zen Garden” was the web scene’s go-to resource?

The selection process probably was not scientifically representative, but there is an interesting red thread of “pushing the boundaries, but not making things worse than they were before” in these texts. Or maybe that’s just because Zach is from the same “web bubble” as myself? Either way, this history of web design would be such an important read when onboarding new developers to the web platform, rather than going straight into “moving fast and breaking things”.