Bookmark: "I’m a Luddite (and So Can You!)"

Sebastian Greger


The Luddite movement (named after their fictional leader “Ned Ludd”) often pops up in the context of discussions about intentional technology non-use. Just as with the Amish, the Luddites are often misrepresented as outright anti-technology, though the true history of the movement and thereby this term (sometimes used as a slur) is about critical engagement with technology and its consequences.

The marvellous comic “I'm a Luddite (and So Can You!)” by Tom Humberstone tells the story of the Luddite movement, how its spirit has lived on and surfaced in various contexts over the two centuries, and what is its relevance today (aka. “neo-Luddism”).

Questioning and resisting the worst excesses of technology isn’t antithetical to progress
If your concept of progress doesn’t put people at the center of it, is it even progress?

Luddism has always been about resistance from those who suffered from technology’s outgrowth. Maybe anybody using a tracker blocker in their browser is already part of this counter-movement?

Welcome to the future. Sabotage it.