Bookmark: "The Potentially Dangerous Non-Accessibility Of Cookie Notices"

Sebastian Greger


Marcus Hermann brings together the topics of accessibility and privacy – this is just down my alley (or my #a11y?):

Cookie consents — whatever your opinion is regarding them — are ubiquitous and possibly even a legal risk for your webpage. In addition to their privacy implications, they have the potential to violate web accessibility laws as well. In this piece, a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) auditor shares some cookie banner error patterns that can massively hurt a page’s overall conformance. Let’s explore what to look out for with this omnipresent piece of the web interface.

Nobody likes cookie consent modals. But if you are not able to “design them away” by technical solutions, they should at least be fully accessible. Not just out of courtesy, but since a failure to do so could at least in theory justify a claim of non-compliance.