Bookmark: "The Calm Web: A Solution to Our Scary and Divisive Online World"

Sebastian Greger


I really enjoyed this take by Karolina Szczur, which is essentially about a focus on usability and user-centredness vs. the excessive overload that has creeped into the web over the decades.

The Calm Web is a reimagining of the online world that envisions an Internet that is better for everyone. It’s a place that welcomes visitors, respects them, and does its utmost to delight them. It does away with bloated third parties designed to track and manipulate and instead focuses on delivering a lightning-fast experience with truly helpful content.

It’s a particularly good read as it not simply calls for “less is more” but makes a point how the benefits reach far beyond happier users and inclusiveness: it makes compliance easier, gets rid of possibly expensive dependencies, frees up resources and can even improve search engine visibility.

In summary, her four steps towards the “Calm Web” are:

  • Strip away unneeded third-party code
  • Remove low-quality content
  • Invest in better performance
  • Listen to your visitors