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Sebastian Greger

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2023-07-05: Added link to Emīlija Veselova’s dissertation


Future-first design thinking

“Future-first design thinking” by Marketa Benisek looks at contemporary approaches for the consideration of nature in design, from creating non-human personas, through Cathedral Thinking, to adopting a “sustainability-first mindset” and concludes:

Perhaps we should consider each and every one of us as the designers of a more sustainable future. In doing so, we must embrace the idea that design goes beyond aesthetics and encompasses the holistic impact of our creations. Whether physical or digital, every design choice we make has consequences, and it is our responsibility to ensure those consequences are positive and sustainable.

Update 2023-07-05 – This dissertation explores this topic in more depth:

In June, I remotely attended the PhD defence of Emīlija Veselova at the Aalto University Department of Design, where she […]