Bookmark: "Contract Improvement Personas: the Drafters, Designers, Digitisers and Doers"

Sebastian Greger


As the old saying goes: if the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail; an age-old bias that also applies to the new world of contract improvement – both for those providing services (like me), as well as those needing their help.

Chris Simkins presents Contract Improvement Personas as a “semi-serious and criminally reductive attempt to capture some of the different movements in the contracting world” – essentially four prototypical personas when it comes to improving contracts beyond what they are today:

  • The Drafters work on improving the language of contracts, as well as how contracts are written and created.

  • The Designers “work to improve the accessibility and useability of contracts through better design and visual communication of information. Some are legally trained; others not.”

  • The Digitisers persona “captures all those focussed, in some way, on the digital transformation of contracts and the contracting process.”

  • The Doers refer to all those who are actually agreeing and managing contracts.