Robin Berjon on the risk of Twitter embeds

Sebastian Greger


If you're running a news site and you embed tweets, I hope you realise that Elon Musk, a famously petulant man-child who openly hates independent reporting, has direct and hard to detect control over the entire pages that have embeds, including hitting your backend as your users?
— Robin Berjon

Robin Berjon points out how having Tweets embedded in websites is – like most “embeds” – a risk in terms of security (for the end users, mostly, but in theory also for a website itself), but also carries the risk of extracting meaning from articles should they really vanish into the void in the foreseeable future.

I’ve long advocated against embedding third party code into websites, but now there’s a really good moment to finally pull the plug. Get those existing embeds converted into static content now!

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