Bookmark: "Value Beyond Instrumentalization"

Sebastian Greger


Value Beyond Instrumentalization

“Letters to a Young Technologist” is an ambitious collection of essays, written by young technologists with the intention to make other young technologists aware of the power and responsibility that comes with shaping the world we live in.

“Value Beyond Instrumentalization” calls to reconsider an overly technology-centric world view and replace it with careful reflection based on a personal value system:

This is a call to be thoughtful about how we choose what paths to construct, how we resource those paths, and what intermediate and terminal ends and value systems those paths lead us to. As a technologist, your thoughtfulness and attention have privileged leverage. Decide carefully what to pay attention to out of an infinity of possible ends to apply your time and resources, and what worlds you wish to bring about. This is a call to build a beautiful and deeply good future.

I'm Sebastian, Sociologist and Interaction Designer. This journal is mostly about bringing toge­ther social science and design for inclusive, privacy-focused, and sustainable "human-first" digital strategies. I also tend to a "digital garden" with carefully curated resources.

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