Bookmark: "A Visual History of Delicious Bookmarks"

Sebastian Greger


I greatly enjoy reading deep dives into a niche topic – here, Sarah Hibner retraces the history of Delicious, the web’s famous bookmarking service that I, too, was a heavy user of back in its golden days of the mid-noughties.

In light of Delicious’ significance in the history of the web, and especially in the context of Web 2.0, I thought I would share some of the screenshots I’ve come across that reflect Delicious’ various web design iterations over the years. I used the Internet Archive and Wikipedia as my jumping off points. This is a visual summary that spans the course of 16 years, from 2003 until 2019. It documents how the bookmarking website’s approach to aesthetics, information architecture, and marketing design changed during a large chunk of its active period.

Absolutely brilliant!

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