Bookmark: "Visualizing the Length of the Fine Print, for 14 Popular Apps"

Sebastian Greger


Having referenced Dima Yarovinsky’s exhibition installation “I agree”, visualizing the overwhelming size of web platforms’ “terms and conditions”, on various occasions, this visualization by Nicholas LePan struck a nerve.

It naturally lacks the physical experience of facing texts bigger than human beings, a particular aspect of the original work that I find so appealing, but it makes the idea behind more accessible as a two-dimensional piece.

A visualization of very long
“Visualizing the Length of the Fine Print, for 14 Popular Apps”, republished here as per the indicated permission on VisualCapitalist.

The accompanying article provides a thorough background on how it was made, and highlights further just how unrealistic it is that an average user would read – and understand – such lengthy and complex legal texts.

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