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Responsible Data Handbook

I have posted about the Responsible Data Forum before:

Responsible Data Forum
The Responsible Data Forum, a collaboration that develops tools and strategies to help data-driven advocacy with ethical […]

Co-written by 12 authors, this handbook builds on and makes tangible the Responsible Data Forum’s working definition for “responsible data”:

The duty to ensure people’s rights to consent, privacy, security and ownership around the information processes of collection, analysis, storage, presentation and reuse of data, while respecting the values of transparency and openness.

The mission, stated in the introduction chapter, is to illustrate where the responsibilities in dealing with data are and present strategies to deal with that responsibly.

Anyone producing, managing or sharing data that reflects on individuals has a responsibility to do so in a way that respects the rights and dignity of people reflected in the data, and avoids doing harm.

Written for the international development community first, but intentionally kept open to broader audiences, there are a lot of valuable thoughts – and countless links to resources – that should really be of relevance for anybody working with data in any way (which, as a somewhat humorous illustration in the intro points out, is essentially everybody).

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