Bookmark: "Design Issues – Special Issue: The Rise of Legal Design"

Sebastian Greger


An entire special issue of Design Issues dedicated to legal design as an emerging discipline! This (paywalled) journal contains a whole range of articles with perspectives on #legal design:

  • Margaret Hagan “Legal Design as a Thing: A Theory of Change and a Set of Methods to Craft a Human-Centered Legal System” (free to read)
  • Dan Jackson, Miso Kim, Jules Rochielle Sievert “The Rapid Embrace of Legal Design and the Use of Co-Design to Avoid Enshrining Systemic Bias”
  • Gordon Ross “Airlines, Mayonnaise, and Justice: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Legal Design and Technology”
  • Melissa A. Moss “The Escambia Project: An Experiment in Community-Led Legal Design”
  • Margaret Hagan, F. Kürşat özenç “A Design Space for Legal and Systems Capability: Interfaces for Self-Help in Complex Systems”
  • Arianna Rossi, Monica Palmirani “Can Visual Design Provide Legal Transparency? The Challenges for Successful Implementation of Icons for Data Protection”