Bookmark: "Design Issues – Special Issue: The Rise of Legal Design"

Sebastian Greger


An entire special issue of Design Issues dedicated to legal design as an emerging discipline! This (paywalled) journal contains a whole range of articles with perspectives on #legal design:

  • Margaret Hagan “Legal Design as a Thing: A Theory of Change and a Set of Methods to Craft a Human-Centered Legal System” (free to read)
  • Dan Jackson, Miso Kim, Jules Rochielle Sievert “The Rapid Embrace of Legal Design and the Use of Co-Design to Avoid Enshrining Systemic Bias”
  • Gordon Ross “Airlines, Mayonnaise, and Justice: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Legal Design and Technology”
  • Melissa A. Moss “The Escambia Project: An Experiment in Community-Led Legal Design”
  • Margaret Hagan, F. Kürşat özenç “A Design Space for Legal and Systems Capability: Interfaces for Self-Help in Complex Systems”
  • Arianna Rossi, Monica Palmirani “Can Visual Design Provide Legal Transparency? The Challenges for Successful Implementation of Icons for Data Protection”

I'm Sebastian, Sociologist and Interaction Designer. This journal is mostly about bringing toge­ther social science and design for inclusive, privacy-focused, and sustainable "human-first" digital strategies. I also tend to a "digital garden" with carefully curated resources.

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