Bookmark: "Building the Woke Web: Web Accessibility, Inclusion & Social Justice"

Sebastian Greger


“Building the Woke Web: Web Accessibility, Inclusion & Social Justice” by Olu Niyiawosusi is a brilliant piece, in which they look at digital access(ibility) from a broader inclusion perspective.

I particularly appreciate how the author explores inclusion through questions of non-use and the digital divide - highlighting it as not an engineering but a systemic issue.

[…] people who have no access to broadband or who have limited access to mobile data fall behind—this often includes homeless people, elderly people, and those on low incomes who are already operating at a disadvantage.

Engineering that makes inclusion an afterthought is engineering that operates without morality and in doing so actively enacts harm.

Lots of important thoughts in this article, not least in times like these …I consider this a must-read for anybody creating digital services.

Read the entire text over at A List Apart.

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