Bookmark: "A Data-Driven Guide to Effective Personal Climate Action"

Sebastian Greger


“46 minute read” is a commitment, but this thoroughly researched post by Erika Reinhardt has an incredible amount of food for thought, background data and tools:

This post details the most effective individual changes you can make to fight climate change in your personal life

The amount of information in this (including colour-coded categorisations etc.) is at the same time awe-inducing and overwhelming. I consider this not necessarily just an article to be read in one sitting, but rather an almanac for inspiration and reference.

One aspect I believe could still deserve more detailed inclusion are considerations on rail transport. Trains and public transport are mentioned a few times throughout the document, but “replacing flying with rail travel” (and as a matter of fact, even taking long-haul coaches has suprisingly low emissions, though comes with other problems) is an important means to reduce one’s carbon footprint where avoiding travel is not an option. At least from a European perspective, where train travel indeed is a viable option for most short and long distance travel (Bastian wrote about it, as did Paul and many others).

Tools like Ecopassenger by the International Railways Union UIC, one of the more advanced calculators with selection of specific trains, incl. modes of electricity generation etc., help calculating the impact.

The author closes saying:

I’m considering building a product in this space

…I am very curious to follow what that will be! She can be followed on Twitter.