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I have fallen in love with Kirby too! Feel like a rock star who can actually build things. Something about the system works so well with new learners. Question about the blueprint, when I get to here, "To display a table of sent mentions in the Panel, add the following to the according blueprint in site/blueprints/pages:" what YML am I adding the ping section to. Do I make a new ping.yml file?
Greg McVerry

The ping section needs to be added to the blueprint of the content that contains the links. E.g. if you are using a template article for blog posts, add the YML snippet to the blueprint blueprints/pages/article.yml - if you also have a template notes for notes, then similarly to blueprint notes.yml etc.

The meta information about sent pings will be stored in a JSON file within the same folder as the content (e.g. in case of an assumed template article: in the same folder where the markdown file article.txt is located).

Any of this is still subject to change in later versions, as I keep figuring out the best way to implement.