Video of my talk at WUD Hamburg (in German)

Sebastian Greger

This is in German only, unfortunately, but I hope to further refine this into an English talk in 2019.
Please get in touch if you know of a suitable event!
The video recording of my talk on privacy as UX, “Datenschutz als User Experience”, from World Usability Day Hamburg in November 2018 (see my summary) is now available online.

A big thank you once again to the WUDHH team and Eparo for having me and to the friendly folks engaging in brilliant discussions after!

All talk videos from the event are now on YouTube - my personal recommendation is the “Ethisches Design” talk by Henning Fritzenwalder, which I found particularly inspiring.

PS. Thank you also for the kind feedback and development ideas at the Webkongress Erlangen 2018, where I got to present this talk’s initial incarnation in September; it was somewhat more technical, considering the audience, and I believe the talk keeps maturing over time (like a good wine), but just for completeness: that version had been recorded as well.

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