Bookmark: "Technology Is a Branch of Moral Philosophy | L.M. Sacasas"

Sebastian Greger


“Whether or not it draws on new scientific research technology is a branch of moral philosophy, not of science.”

L. M. Sacasas ponders over this 1969 quote by Paul Goodman. He highlights Goodman’s position on technologists’ as moral philosophers for who it is an intrisic part of their discipline to criticise technologies as they are developed.

It is stunning to see how already 50 years ago, warning voices were raised how important it is that those shaping technology have a sound foundation “in social sciences, law, the fine arts, and medicine, as well as relevant natural sciences.

Like Sacasas, I believe this ship has long sailed. But it is indeed an interesting thought how an alternative history would have looked like if technologists had looked more at the implications their inventions would have. And, I shall add, it is never too late to change the tech industry’s culture towards a more contextual, responsible take on things (but we likely won’t be able to reverse the damage already done).

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