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Sebastian Greger


Project Alias

An interesting hack project: a “teachable parasite” device (open source), feeding smart home assistants noise unless the user really wants to interact with them. It’s a small, remote-controlled device sitting on top of the home assistant, disturbing its microphones unless the user intentionally wants it to listen.

[…] with Alias we are interested in how this power relation can be redefined, especially when it comes to privacy. The exciting future that “smart” technologies can give us often comes with conditions that diminish our privacy. With Alias we want to challenge this condition and ask what kind of “smart” we actually want in the future.

I'm Sebastian, Sociologist and Interaction Designer. This journal is mostly about bringing toge­ther social science and design for inclusive, privacy-focused, and sustainable "human-first" digital strategies. I also tend to a "digital garden" with carefully curated resources.

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