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Sebastian Greger


Planet Friendly Web Guide -

The internet is a great thing. It is also the biggest machine on earth, and it runs mostly on coal, which is bad news for our climate.

The Planet Friendly Web Guide is an ongoing work-in-progress, written in the open (which in itself makes this an interesting project), that aims to be an educational resource based on a clear mental model:

The planet friendly web guide is an open source, freely available guide, combining an easy-to-understand mental model to help you think through what you can do and why, with focussed guides showing how you can make these changes, drawing on techniques from fields ranging from service design, user experience, web performance optimisation, and technical architecture.

I'm Sebastian, Sociologist and Interaction Designer. This journal is mostly about bringing toge­ther social science and design for inclusive, privacy-focused, and sustainable "human-first" digital strategies. I also tend to a "digital garden" with carefully curated resources.

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