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Sebastian Greger

(Update log)

2018-02-01: Added update following a tweet by Aral Balkan

Bookmarked:, a popular platform for creating and publishing software documentation, documents their responsible approach to online ads on their service:

EthicalAds respect users while providing value to advertisers. We don’t track you, sell your data, or anything else. We simply show ads to users, based on the content of the pages you look at. We also give 10% of our ad space to community projects, as our way of saying thanks to the open source community.

Update: As Aral Balkan points out, this message loses some of its credibility as the service quite obviously still uses Google Analytics to subject their visitors to surveillance. While the makers blame this on poor wording and communication that could be improved, this does show that truly responsible design is the sum of many things, not just single actions. It also highlights how even the most responsible “world view” (as they call it in their document) may clash with the realities of today’s ubiquitous tracking mindset.

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