Bookmark: "Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?"

Sebastian Greger


I’d never heard of the Domain of One's Own initiative or similiar before. This is a fantastic, almost revolutionary idea, and actually makes one think whether setting up a personal website with a personal domain shouldn’t be part of media education early on, maybe somewhere during secondary education, even?

In particular in times like these, where ad-funded, tightly tracked and algorithmically filtered social networks dominate young people’s media habits, learning how to take ownership over opinions, publishing and content.

As this article points out, however, I can see how “forcing” students into using that domain for publishing graded assignments has problematic connotations. If I teach/encourage somebody to “own” their online publishing and identity, I cannot at the same time tell them what is right or wrong to publish there – especially since it is public, and intended to be connected with their identity for good.

(via Chris Aldrich)

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