Homebrew Website Club Berlin #9 on 14 Jun 2017

Sebastian Greger

The 9th HWC Berlin meeting marks the kick-off of our “Indieweb Starter Meetup Series”, four loosely scheduled meetups intended as an easy entry point to running your own website and utilizing the Indieweb toolkit.

In this first intro session, we are going to present the philosophy and idea behind the Indieweb movement and offer a primer on some of the techniques available to turn your personal site into a social hub just as your social media silo account.

If you are interested in starting or working on your own homepage, along with both conceptual and technical discussions around an open and independent web, you are most welcome to join us.

  • 18:30 Warm-up: Gathering the crowd, catching up, getting to know each other

  • 19:00 Indieweb intro: What is the Indieweb? Why is this relevant? How can I get started?

  • After: Continuing the conversations, helping each other out, or just having another drink

Past event

ttt Werkstattraum, Skalitzer Str. 100, Berlin, Germany (Kreuzberg, U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof)

Homebrew Website Club is a bi-weekly meetup of people passionate about or interested in creating, improving, building, designing their own website. It’s happening in various locations around the globe every second Wednesday. It has its origin in the Indieweb movement, which is about owning your identity online – having a personal website instead of only accounts in other people’s silos.

RSVP on the IndieWeb.org wiki (if you have an Indieweb site), in the comments below, or just join us ex tempore.

I'm Sebastian, Sociologist and Interaction Designer. This journal is mostly about bringing toge­ther social science and design for inclusive, privacy-focused, and sustainable "human-first" digital strategies. I also tend to a "digital garden" with carefully curated resources.

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