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Sebastian Greger


I wrote about how our lives are under the control of tech companies & what it means. Please read it on your device.
HannahJane Parkinson‏

A great article, can’t decide which parts to quote - pls read the whole thing. And start working on alternative futures tmrw (designers!)

I quit Facebook in 2013, and as a direct result of this, I have fallen out of touch with many friends. People have had babies, people have got married and divorced and other people have died and I have been absolutely none the wiser, because I don’t keep up with Facebook. Sure, that’s my own fault, but I was tired of the banalities of the medium and the time it was taking up in my life, and the concern that Facebook was following me everywhere, like the eyes of an Old Master painting.

It is time now for two things: for people to wake up and realise how much our lives are dominated by such a small number of Silicon Valley bros, one hand in their jean pocket announcing their next move, and for tech companies to acknowledge their power and influence and become truly accountable.