Bookmark: "The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess"

Sebastian Greger


Mischa Andrews lists five reasons how the web, an accessible medium by default, ended up in an inaccessible mess:

  1. We can (and do) learn to make websites without learning accessibility
  2. We’re not held accountable for inaccessible products
  3. Assumptions guide us astray
  4. The legislation doesn’t tell us what to do
  5. New trends push technology into untested territory

The article is a great analysis of often invisible biases affecting how websites are built today - and it leads straight to very concrete steps to improve the situation, among which the maybe most important:

[…] identify the perceptions you need to change: that accessibility is only for accessibility specialists, or that it’s not important, or that no one will notice, or that it’s too much effort, or that it doesn’t matter.