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Sebastian Greger


This article by Fabien Girardin is an invitation to “imagine another version of the Internet respectful of people’s attention and time”:

In the current version of the Internet, digital artifacts connect individuals into feedback loops that drastically compress time and give a sense of simultaneity: the Big Now. With the lure of control, the more data we produce online, the faster the Internet gets back to us to respond to our fascination for real-time information, to influence our behaviors or to grab our attention. Like in other moments of major revolution in information technology, individuals and organizations need to adapt their values, practices and objectives to get their time and attention back.

Interestingly, outside of start-up bubbles and big tech companies, the signs of a change in how people appropriate technology in their lives are getting stronger. While it still appears to be a niche movement, critical engagement with the values of the “Big Now” is gaining traction - my interpretation is that “using technology less” is going to be the next big thing in technology.

(A special gem are the time-space maps by Spiekermann & Wegener; wonderful visualisations!)

via Nicolas Nova

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