Bookmark: "The digital freedom risk: too fragile an acknowledgment"

Sebastian Greger


The late Ulrich Beck (✝2015-01-01), father of the concept of the “risk society”, on digital freedom:

The violation of our freedom does not hurt. We neither feel it, nor do we suffer a disease, a flood, a lack of opportunities to find a job, and so on. Freedom dies without human beings being physically hurt. The power and legitimacy of the state are based on the promise of security. Freedom comes or seems always secondary. Being a sociologist, I am convinced that the freedom risk is the most fragile among the global risks we have experienced so far.

…and delivers a call to action for formulating “digital humanism”:

What should we do? I suggest that we formulate a kind of digital humanism. Let us identify the fundamental right of data protection and digital freedom as a global human right, which must prevail like any other human right, if needs be against all odds.

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