Note, published 29 Oct 2014

Sebastian Greger

The #1 limitation of privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative @Piwik, lack of event tracking, is now history:

As Matthieu Aubry, founder of the open analytics platform, today commented on my blog post “Privacy-Aware Design: Replacing Google Analytics with a decentralized alternative” from February, Piwik now features the long requested event tracking. This is a major step to make Piwik the privacy-friendly alternative for even more analytics users as the feature gap to Google Analytics becomes smaller and makes it hard to justify making website users subject to tracking by Google.

In other news, French authorities recently approved Piwik to be exempt from the need to ask users for consent of cookies use: French CNIL recommends Piwik: the only analytics tool that does not require Cookie Consent - a strong indication of trust in decentralized analytics. When set up correctly, Piwik analytics are anonymized and not shared with third parties - respecting the privacy of website users.