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Sebastian Greger


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Keith Brophy puts a spin on the theory that “anthrophony” (the noise pollution created by humans, specifically by their machines and other non-human sounds) disrupts the carefully compartmentalized “biophony” (the soundscape of various species in nature) of nature, by describing the fast and widespread adoption of social media with the term “mediaophony” (and “appophony” when speaking about software applications and websites):

These social media tools now afford the ability to create informational flows of near unbounded proportions from as many sources. So much information threatens to drown out real information of value.

There is a great need for developing concepts to counter this ever-increasing amount of “social noise”.

The flow of information is only set to increase; as will the need for the skill to sift through this flow. In part, social networks will provide frameworks for data filtration, while new tools will emerge to further help extract the information of value.

It is going to be interesting to see how such filter systems (automated or manual) can fit into the social structures of our lifeworlds.

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