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Sebastian Greger


User Experience Deliverables

Peter Morville’s column deals with the increasingly important role of rich UX deliverables as tools to communicate digital concepts beyond just documenting them.

His annotated list of 20 formats for deliverables encompasses stories, proverbs, personas, scenarios, content inventories, analytics, user surveys, concept maps, system maps, process flows, wireframes, story boards, concept designs, prototypes, narrative reports, presentations, plans, specifications, style guides, and design patterns. And ends with the idea of a “treasure map” that serves as a reminder that the apparently most obvious artefact may not always be the best for the job:

That’s a lot of words about a lot of deliverables. And, that’s the problem. It’s hard to find the best trees when we can’t see the forest. So, we often fall back on old habits. We churn out wireframes when a story may be worth its weight in gold. Some great deliverables stay hidden in plain sight.

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