Homebrew Website Club Berlin #4 on 22 Mar 2017

Sebastian Greger

Welcome to the fourth edition of our Homebrew Website Club in Berlin! After the first three meetings were rather unstructured, around a range of interesting topics - see the summaries of meetups #2 and #3 by Sven - we are thinking to try a “What are you currently working on?” agenda this time (but no worries, if you don’t have any website pet project going on right now: everybody interested in the IndieWeb is most welcome).

Past event

Salon Schmück, Skalitzer Str. 80, Berlin, Germany (Kreuzberg, U1 Schlesisches Tor)

Homebrew Website Club is a bi-weekly meetup of people passionate about or interested in creating, improving, building, designing their own website, in the same structure as the classic Homebrew Computer Club meetings.

RSVP on the IndieWeb.org wiki (if you have an Indieweb site), in the comments below, or just join us ex tempore.

If you get off work early, no worries: we are usually on site starting from 18:30 for informal chit-chat. Peek in, look for the IndieWebCamp sign and say hi.