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Experimental coding and creating prototypes or proof-of-concepts are an important part of my work. Here, I occasionally share some code for demonstration or to make them available for reuse by others.

An audience/context-conscious POSSE syndication plugin for WordPress

In my January post titled Identity, content, audience and the (independent) web, I described the approach of using a self-owned website as the primary place to publish online content, while sending out (“syndicating”) copies of the content to social platforms. My motive was to reflect on some of the implicit social aspects. In the discussion […]

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“Own your data”, part III: Moving calendar and contacts into my ownCloud

Along with the purchase of my Android phone came the convenience of a free and easy cloud back-up of my phone contacts and seamless synchronization with Google Calendar. However, I have since become more wary about whom I want to share my data with.

I decided that it was time to say goodbye to Google and try out ownCloud, the open source software package for hosting one’s own cloud services. […]

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“Own your data”, part I: Bringing the bookmarks home from the cloud

The archives reveal it was October 2005 when I started to use Delicious to collect my bookmarks, at a time where I had to use various computers daily.

Four years later, competitor Ma.gnolia lost all user data, marking the first occasion that I (along with a shaken community of their users) questioned the value of cloud services for storing personal data. Yet, both for lack of alternatives and for being lazy, I kept using Delicious – though making regular backups a habit.

Today, we live 2014 and it is time to move on; more specifically, time to reclaim ownership over my bookmarks and to host them myself. Naturally, having grown used to a cloud service, a suitable web-based replacement had to be found. […]

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