• Film: “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World”

    When Werner Herzog makes a film about the internet, it can almost be expected to be a poetic journey rather than a cutting-edge report or a deeply opinionated perspective (even though, with his very special style to interrupt interviewees to make a point in his narrative, this does not mean that this film would not […]

  • Bookmark: Taking Control of Your Digital Identity

    This is great: while I see (university) teachers and course instructors elsewhere requiring students to join Facebook groups or the like, Howard Rheingold makes the participants in his “social media course” acquire a domain and server space for a self-hosted WordPress instance as the first assignment. because students are now telling the stories of their […]

  • Themes from Datensummit 17: culture, responsibility, credibility, literacy, engagement

    Time for a reflective wrap-up of last week’s “Datensummit”, the first national-level meetup on Open Data in Germany, co-hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. I was only able to attend the conference part on day one – the next day barcamp further deepened the debate […]

  • Bookmark: Is Private Browsing Really Private?

    DuckDuckGo, the provider of a search engine that doesn’t track its users (see my earlier blog post), did a study about how users believe the “Private browsing” feature of their browser works: Despite Private Browsing being one of the most commonly known and used privacy features, we find that most people misunderstand the privacy protections […]

  • Bookmark: A lawyer rewrote Instagram’s terms of service for kids

    There is a lot of interesting analysis and recommendation in the “Growing up digital” report from the UK’s Children’s Commissioner referenced in this article – and the simplified terms and conditions (that nobody ever reads) are only the most obvious of its gems – , but the truly interesting aspect is that it is not […]

  • Reposting a Tweet by Teemu Leinonen

    “A framework for entry-level web literacy & 21st Century skills” by Mozilla; interesting model indeed! https://learning.mozilla.org/en-US/web-literacy