• Note, published 24 May 2019

    On the train to Berlin, mind utterly blown by the stellar Think-About! conference...

  • Co-learning at Accessibility Club #8 – some notes and thoughts

    Accessibility Club is a meetup where professionals, enthusiasts and curious novices discuss how to create accessible digital technology. The 8th event of this series once again saw me inspired by what is essentially a random agenda with unpredictable topics – and outcomes! The day started with two presentations. No invited speakers or keynotes, just two […]

  • Selected a11y insights from my past year

    Designing accessible technology is a continuous learning process. These are some insights from the past year I wrote about on this blog.

  • The week in quotes (2019W19)

    Opt-out as luxury, digital privacy reckoning, terminology ambiguity, harmful patterns, loss of deniability, personal websites and the destructive impact of cheap flights.

  • Sendmentions and Commentions – webmention plugins for Kirby 3

    Designing and creating my personal Kirby 3 webmentions solution.

  • The week in quotes (2019W13)

    An Art 14 GDPR precedent, adtech on gov websites, data security in self-hosting, guerilla a11y, Cuban internet proxies, and ecocide.

  • Note, published 25 Mar 2019

    Great Sep’18 IxDA Berlin talks by Eriol Fox and Quinn Keast now on video: https://vimeo.com/ixdab  …updated my summary with links as well. By the way, Eriol is speaking at the Think About! Cologne conference in May! And tickets for April’s IxDA Berlin are available now: ixdaberlin.de

  • The week in quotes (2019W12)

    Growth hacking, white supremacy in tech, edge cases, persistence, digital resignation, and strangershots.

  • Reposting a Tweet by Accessibility Club

    Joschi Kuphal and a11yclub just released the tickets for the Accessibility Club meetup Düsseldorf 2019, May 15!

  • The week in quotes (2019W11)

    GoogleDocs chat, #Web30, user research w/out analytics, depressing study on web a11y, and history's greatest human rights violation.

  • The week in quotes (2019W10)

    Accessibility (in maps, business and the industry), cookie walls, 4th party code, and microplastics.

  • On low-hanging fruit and using the right tools for accessibility (A11Y Berlin meetup #6)

    The 6th A11YBerlin meetup featured talks on "Getting the first 30% of accessibility issues" and "Accessible PDF".

  • Looking for speakers

    Do you have experience with accessibility of infovis & interactive maps? Sketching a proposal for a Hacks/Hackers Berlin meetup on inclusive design in data journalism – looking for speakers! Ping me :)

  • The week in quotes (2019W09)

    Hobbyist labour, research synthesis, inclusion, DNS fingerprinting, out-of-control Facebook, anthropocenic bias, and flight shame.

  • CAPTCHAs are really, really bad UX design

    Robin Christopherson just wrote an important article on the AbilityNet blog: "AI is making CAPTCHA increasingly cruel for disabled users".

  • The week in quotes (2019W08)

    Adtech lobbying, sharenting, algorithmic literacy, the technology maintenance divide, good design, and biodiversity.

  • Bookmark: CERN 2019 WorldWideWeb Rebuild

    The world's first web browser, rebuilt to run within a modern browser - 30 years later.

  • The week in quotes (2019W07)

    Ethics, cyberpunk standards, robust UIs, default browser behaviour, common a11y issues, and the vanishing of insects

  • A hot summer ahead: Web community events in Germany

    May is going to be an event-laden month for the web design community in Germany.

  • The week in quotes (2019W06)

    Web micropayments, Zuboff vs. Marx, Facebook as internet antithesis, vestigial friendships, and self-engineered devastation.