Archive: #weekinquotes

A (more or less) weekly collection of inspiring, surprising or otherwise noteworthy texts, talks and podcasts. Usually around my core topics of usability, ethics, and digital society.

  • Week 19

    Opt-out as luxury, digital privacy reckoning, terminology ambiguity, harmful patterns, loss of deniability, personal websites and the destructive impact of cheap flights.

  • Week 13

    An Art 14 GDPR precedent, adtech on gov websites, data security in self-hosting, guerilla a11y, Cuban internet proxies, and ecocide.

  • Week 12

    Growth hacking, white supremacy in tech, edge cases, persistence, digital resignation, and strangershots.

  • Week 11

    GoogleDocs chat, #Web30, user research w/out analytics, depressing study on web a11y, and history's greatest human rights violation.

  • Week 10

    Accessibility (in maps, business and the industry), cookie walls, 4th party code, and microplastics.

  • Week 09

    Hobbyist labour, research synthesis, inclusion, DNS fingerprinting, out-of-control Facebook, anthropocenic bias, and flight shame.

  • Week 08

    Adtech lobbying, sharenting, algorithmic literacy, the technology maintenance divide, good design, and biodiversity.

  • Week 07

    Ethics, cyberpunk standards, robust UIs, default browser behaviour, common a11y issues, and the vanishing of insects

  • Week 06

    Web micropayments, Zuboff vs. Marx, Facebook as internet antithesis, vestigial friendships, and self-engineered devastation.

  • Week 05

    Access to creating on the web, ethics in CS ed, abusability testing, and the loss of the human self.

  • Week 04

    Free speech vs. attention, moral blindness, life without Amazon, GDPR fines, and climate change.

  • Week 03

    Accessibility personas, privacy in open source, dignity, selfish intimacy, and learning exhaust.

  • Week 02

    Toxic metrics, ethics of performance, e-mail tracking, research questions, financialised humans, silence, and user stories.