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Posts related to past and upcoming public talks at conferences, meetups or as a podcast guest. I also post video recordings, slides and transcripts of my talks here.


In a talk from 2018 (presented at Webkongress Erlangen, WUD Hamburg and GUIDesign Berlin), I used the concept of “Privacy UX” to showcase how data-awareness should be a part of the UX process, just as any other user-centered aspect. In earlier years - as far back as 2014 - I have been using the term “privacy-aware design” for a similar philosophy.


Everything related to digital accessibility, and inclusive/universal design.


Usability is the core ingredient for designing successful digital products and services.



A lot of the small tools and solutions I design are released under permissive open source licenses to enable others to contribute to and build upon my work. A lot of my code is available on Github.


My pet projects are commonly about issues I care about in my work at large (e.g. privacy, accessibility, human-friendly design). These are either independent projects or spin-offs from client projects.


Kirby is my favourite CMS for projects big and small. When I create something that may be of use for others, I share to give back to the always helpful and friendly community.


The Indieweb describes itself as “a people-focused alternative to the ‘corporate web’”. It’s a grassroots movement, with activists all around the globe working on open web solutions to maintain content ownership and control while enabling social interaction between individuals.


The Accessibility Meetup Berlin is a monthly get-together of people concerned with digital accessibility.


My annual review posts from Marc Thiele’s lovely and inspiring beyond tellerrand conference series.


“Week in quotes” was a newsletter-style post series in 2019, collecting citations from noteworthy bookmarks during the past week.