A hot summer ahead: Web community events in Germany

Sebastian Greger

May 2019 is going to be an event-laden month for the web design community in Germany, when not one but two promising conferences take place in the western part of the republic, along with a range of other community events.

beyond tellerrand, 13/14 May

A staple on the annual conference menu, Marc Thiele’s beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf conference again promises a line-up full of inspiration, even though not all names - and only one of the talk titles - have been announced. Art direction pioneer David Carson maybe grabbed the most attention recently, yet with Charlie Owen and Heydon Pickering there are two of my personal favourite “tech” speakers on stage. And even looking up some names that don’t ring a bell, I see exciting talks awaiting.

Maybe most importantly though, this is the place to meet a most open-minded community of “webworkers” in a lovely venue.

Think about!, 23/24 May

The new kid on the block is the inaugural Think about! conference, a week later in Cologne - and this is an equally promising event. While aligned as primarily a tech conferenceWorking Draft podcast revision hreflang: de) on Microservices; starting at 48min., the organisers highlight a rather unique angle - that of social responsibility of the industry.

The line-up was fully revealed last week (and early bird pricing is on until Fri 15.2.), and even the talks of the “tech” track’s abstracts breathe responsible conduct. Not to mention the themes of morale, diversity, security and privacy on the “design” and “society” tracks, and in the keynotes. Filling a very unique niche, this looks like yet another friendly and community-spirited conference with a mission.

IndieWebCamps & Nürnberg Digital Festival

And as if the challenge of making time for events in 2019 wouldn’t be hard enough already, there is more to come. Two IndieWebCamps have been announced recently: in addition to the traditional Düsseldorf event preceding beyond tellerrand (11/12 May), the previous weekend is likely to see yet another IWC Berlin (4/5 May).

Not in May, but also coming up with an exciting agenda, is the Nürnberg Digital Festival (formerly known as Nürnberg Web Week, or NUEWW) - mark the dates, 12-22 July.

Any important (web-)design events I missed? Drop them in the comments below!


  1. To get a feel for the magic that is #btconf, have a look at my reviews from previous years (note to self: still wanted to write a post about the 2018 events).
  2. One of the founders, Jakob Holderbaum, talks more about the motivation at the end of the recent (link: https://workingdraft.de/374/
  3. Need more examples what a friendly community event is? Read this thread about speaker compensations or the Think about! blog post about their values.

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