Homebrew Website Club Berlin #2 on 22 Feb 2017

Sebastian Greger

Last week’s inaugural Homebrew Website Club Berlin saw five independent web enthusiasts gather for an inspiring evening of conceptual and technical talk, and we all agreed to try and establish this as a regular bi-weekly event. Welcome to the second edition on February 22 (please note the new location):

Past event

Salon Schmück, Skalitzer Str. 80, Berlin, Germany (Kreuzberg, U1 Schlesisches Tor)

It is more important than ever to have your own place to publish on the web. Have a blog? Want a blog? Are you building your own personal bot? Come on by and join a gathering of people with likeminded interests. Bring your friends that want to start a personal web site. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, or help work on a project!

Homebrew Website Club is a bi-weekly meetup of people passionate about or interested in creating, improving, building, designing their own website, in the same structure as the classic Homebrew Computer Club meetings.

RSVP on the IndieWeb.org wiki (if you have an Indieweb site), in the comments below, or just join us ex tempore.

If you get off work early, no worries: we’ll be on site starting from 18:30 for informal chit-chat. Peek in and say hi.

Finding us is easy - we are the friendly bunch by the table with the IndieWebCamp sign!