Technology and services
for people instead of “users”,
built on freedom and privacy,
usability and accessibility

A Sociologist (M.Soc.Sc.) and Interaction Designer (MA), I have for over a decade been researching, explaining and shaping technology that facilitates interaction: between people, with institutions, through interfaces.

With a unique perspective between social sciences and design I develop, teach and utilize approaches and tools that integrate neglected aspects like social use experience, life context and privacy with traditional user-centred design.

My core compentency is to gain, develop and share insight on how individuals, communities and societies interact with technology — providing a constructively critical view on “the user” in digital design.


I consult and facilitate design processes that build on the informed consideration and strategic involvement of people in the development of interactive services.


While generally deeply enthusiastic about the possibilities of digital and networked technology, the core value proposition of my constructively critical approach is to ensure that assumed use corresponds with factual use, along with a holistic consideration of technology's role in peoples' lives and society.

My approach is grounded in my own ongoing research paired with the active dissemination of published theory and empirics. As a trainer/teacher, I also regularly share my acquired knowledge for the benefit of others.


I am currently working on several research, publishing and development projects around interactive service design and online technology, and as an educator in the field.

From 2010 to 2013, I spent four years doing freelance work as a concept consultant for interactive online services. I also spent some time as a full-time researcher in between.

Before going self-employed, I worked four years for two Finnish digital agencies as an interaction designer and as a senior designer in an insight and strategy team.

Earlier, reaching more than a decade into the past, I have been working for various employers as web designer, translator, IT trainer, technical writer, teaching assistant and IT assistant.

For a full CV and references, please contact me:


Master of Arts (New Media)
Aalto University, Media Lab Helsinki

Master of Social Sciences (Sociology)
University of Tampere

Vordiplom Soziologie (equiv. Bachelor of Soc.Sc.)
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München



Reducing social distance through co-design

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The Absent Peer – Non-users in Social Interaction Design

Greger, S. (2010). The Absent Peer – Non-users in Social Interaction Design (Master’s thesis). Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland.


Logout is not an option. Normative and rational aspects of availability in the mobile phone society.

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