I am Sebastian Greger, a Sociologist (M.Soc.Sc.) and Interaction Designer (MA) working as an independent researcher, educator and consultant at the interface between social sciences and design.

The core of my work is to gain, develop and share insight on how individuals, communities and societies interact with technology.

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My current focus areas are internet decentralisation (indie web, privacy etc.), user agency in interaction design and the usability of information architecture and online interactions.

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DuckDuckGo and startpage.com (a variant of the ixquick service) are two powerful alternative search engines that do not track their users and their queries. “Own your data”, part IV: Avoiding search engines that track their users 2 months ago

Smartphone zombies (artistic interpretation) The digitally blindfolded: smartphone zombies and the devaluation of social presence 3 months ago

The article "Undesigning Interaction" is in itself a throughtfully undesigned piece of design (in: interactions 21, 4) Subtraction with a purpose – “undesign” as a strategy for sustainable design 5 months ago

The “Minimum Actionable Dataset” – a strategy to reduce data obesity? 6 months ago

Syndication as a conscious step in publishing content to third-party service audiences, in consideration of the user's silo-specific identity. An audience/context-conscious POSSE syndication plugin for WordPress 11 months ago

The user interface of the ownCloud calendar is just as easy to use as Google Calendar. “Own your data”, part III: Moving calendar and contacts into my ownCloud 11 months ago

The "two-click" social media buttons in action (screenshot from heise.de): Only after clicking on the switch or the greyed-out button (above), the real button is loaded from the third party SNS (below). Privacy-Aware Design: Opt-in alternatives for social media sharing 11 months ago

A few lines of code, embedded in millions of websites, allow Google to track users as they browse around the internet. Privacy-Aware Design: Replacing Google Analytics with a decentralized alternative 11 months ago

Lightbeam visualization of a short browsing session over some major media websites in Finland (circles indicate the site visited, triangles stand for third-party services tracking the visit). “Own your data”, part II: Using Ghostery to keep my browsing trail private 11 months ago

Caption Making the case for “Privacy-Aware Design” 12 months ago

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