As an independent researcher, educator and consultant, I act as the users' advocate in digital product and service design processes - for truly people-centered technology.

Building on a unique perspective between social sciences and design, I utilize approaches and methods that integrate often neglected aspects like social use experience, life context or privacy with traditional user-centered design thinking. After all, interaction design is social science.


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screenshot Social media and usability – people-centred design in communications 9 months ago

DuckDuckGo and (a variant of the ixquick service) are two powerful alternative search engines that do not track their users and their queries. “Own your data”, part IV: Avoiding search engines that track their users 1 year ago

Smartphone zombies (artistic interpretation) The digitally blindfolded: smartphone zombies and the devaluation of social presence 1 year ago

The article "Undesigning Interaction" is in itself a throughtfully undesigned piece of design (in: interactions 21, 4) Subtraction with a purpose – “undesign” as a strategy for sustainable design 1 year ago

The “Minimum Actionable Dataset” – a strategy to reduce data obesity? 1 year ago

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